Therapy Programs

Individual Therapy

targets improving the overall functioning of the consumer while decreasing the symptoms that prompted a referral to treatment. AFLS takes a family-centered approach to client interventions, so we make every effort to engage families in therapy, particularly with young children and adolescent consumers.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy is focused on improving family functioning and enhancing the quality of family interactions.  Family therapy helps family members learn more effective ways of resolving family conflicts and of coping with mental illness.  Treatment is intended to aid families develop the necessary skills to address future problems effectively on their own.

Anger Management Therapy

Our program teaches a holistic approach to dealing or coping with anger. We teach the importance of dealing with anger in an appropriate manner. Furthermore, we teach the nature of anger as well as the significance of acknowledging the triggers that lead to anger. We also teach the components of anger as well as various methods to dealing with anger.